Second thoughts, El Camino RealLike so many mythic quests, writing Leaving Hotel California was thrust on me by the Fates. I never intended to write a tell-allabout growing up in Northern California, being a second-wave feminist, my interfaith adventures, having grown children, my long marriage, or its demise. I merely wrote a couple hit-pieces during my divorce and shared them with friends, as a way to let off some steam.

Then my friends started badgering me for more, becoming almost carnivorous in their insistence that I keep writing. Because I am so suggestible (see Fates, above), what began as a quirky, satirical piece about insufferable people and events has blossomed into a full-throttled peri-menopausal rant about nearly everything in my life so far.

I have completed several chapters of hilarity, and am posting excerpts and lots of new stuff here, as a way to share the joy with a wider audience. I would love to hear from enthusiastic agents, publishers and fans. Comments from my ex, or anyone who is offended by me blaming Nora Ephron for my problems, will likely be deleted.


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